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JavaScript to complete your web application on Firecat

Firecat is a Server-Side JavaScript Webserver.
With firecat you can build complete Web Applications using JavaScript
on both the Client-Side(AJAX) and the Server-Side(NSP).

It is similar to ASP and JSP, but instead of VBScript and Java,
it uses JavaScript as the main scripting language.

Firecat is geared towards Webmasters, Web Designers and Web Developers,
who want to leverage their JavaScript skills on the server-side. Building
webpages should be simple. Any Internet User should be able to create
webpages with server-side functionality, without being forced to learn
complicated programming languages.

Firecat is written in Java and can run on any Java Virtual Machine,
but the main target will be to support Free Runtimes such as
SableVM, JamVM, Kaffe, GCJ/GIJ and Apache Harmony.

Firecat is written with the hope that Research of Server Technologies can be done
completely on a Free Software Stack. The promise of Server Technologies has barely
been realized, and we at nihonsoft Research hope we have helped spured Web
Programming as a Science forward.

kiwicat Alpha is the latest release!

  • kiwicat 1.2.x (Alpha)
  • aussiecat 1.1.x
  • firecat 1.0.x
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